Alejandro Cesarco (UY)


The work of Alejandro Cesarco shows an interest in narrative and the practices of reading and translating. By means of various conceptual strategies and a range of media, including prints, books, photography, videos and installations, he examines the meaning of words and images in relation to the context, the experience and personal view of the individual that comes into contact with them. His work reminds us of the importance of telling stories as a principle that creates order and as a way of making ourselves understood.

Musings (2013)

video, sound, 15’30”

The video work Musings tells a series of anecdotes about dreams, premonitions, fate and other sources that feed creativity. What the chosen stories have in common is that the works from which they derive (art, literature or film) are largely concerned with death and mortality. The texts are excerpts from work by, among others, Susan Sontag, Ingmar Bergman, Maurice Blanchot, Italo Calvino, Julio Cortázar, Agnes Varda. These authors’ texts conjure up the atmosphere of the 1960s. 

Co-produced by Contour 2013. 

The Reader (2011)

installation with slide show, 17’

The Reader is a slideshow, which takes crime fiction as its subject. While the American artist Lawrence Weiner reads aloud from various detective novels, texts giving an analysis of the genre appear on the slides. The spectator is made to take the place of the detective. He is drawn into the story and tries to piece together a coherent narrative from the excerpts he is given. But the assembled stories use the codes and the history of the genre to disarticulate narrative structures of reading and looking. Ultimately the spectator is left with a sense of mystery rather than a solution.